Clearly identifying the market, user needs, and cost targets is essential for market success. Protecting intellectual property is essential for financial success. At Think Design, we provide the tools for understanding and developing both market and financial viability. 

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Market Research

Knowing the needs of your target market, and how competitors' products are currently addressing those needs, is essential to developing a product that is market appropriate. User interviews, surveys, focus group testing, and evaluation of competitor products are all valuable tools in defining design direction early in the design process. 


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Financial Viability

The right product at the right price. Production cost targets can influence what is possible in the design. However, good design can allow a higher retail price, which in turn can justify a higher production cost. It's a win-win!

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A strong product identity contributes to market success. Product aesthetic is a big part of product identity. Trademark and logo design need to complete the message.

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Intellectual Property

By providing preliminary patent searches, patent disclosure documents, and patent drawings, Think Design provides IP support at three critical stages of the development process. Patent searches for some product concepts can also be an effective way of getting a preview of products not yet on the market.