Sustainability - Design with a Global Perspective

Considering Environmental and Social impact of design decisions during the development process can benefit people and places that are not the primary users of a product.  Done right, it also saves money. "Good design" should be good for all, people, the environment, and the manufacturer's bottom line. The goal is to "do good" while "doing well".

ZPD for Environment.jpg

Environmental Considerations

Reducing material volume, number of components, use of toxic chemicals, energy usage, and assembly time, all reduce production costs and environmental impact.  Exploring options for recycled material, and environmentally friendly surface finishes can further benefit people, planet, and profits. 

Photo: Not only did we convert their entire product line to 90% recycled material, by rethinking EnergyWright's manufacturing material and processes, we were able to reduce weight, assembly time, and production costs.    

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Social Considerations

We design products for people, and we know product success doesn't begin and end with the end user.  Our design decisions also impact the people who assemble the product, the grandparents who buy the toy, and the family of the woman saved by the medical product.  We design like it matters, because it matters.

Photo: Transforming Hallagan's entire production line to CAD and CNC technology allowed the company to compete in the global market and continue a hundred year family tradition of American made fine furniture.