Manufacturing Materials & Processes decisions determine precisely the way a product will be brought into existence. Largely affected by annual production volume and cost consideration, M&P, in turn, plays a critical role in product function, aesthetics, ergonomics, and sustainability.

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    Materials & Process Selection

    Because M&P makes the product, it factors into every other design decision in the development process. 

    • Function: Task performance, and Durability. 
    • Aesthetics: All of the senses - Appearance, Sound, Smell, Taste, Touch. 
    • Ergonomics: Safety, Efficiency, and Comfort.


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    DFX: Design for Excellence

    We think of everyone involved in the design, production, use, repair, and disposal of a product as a "product user". Good design is good for everyone, and consequently, good for the bottom line.

    • DFM: Design For Manufacture - Reduce defects, tool wear.
    • DFA: Design For Assembly - Reduce part count, assembly steps, labor, and costs.
    • DFD: Design For Disassembly - Ease of maintenance, repair, disposal, or recycling.
    • DFQ: Design for Quality - Preventing design errors... by design.
    • DFR: Design for Reliability - A broken product is no longer a product, it's a problem.
    • DFS: Design for Safety - A critical element of the product/user system.
    • DFM/S: Design for Maintenance/Serviceability - Part of product cost, and the user experience.
    • DFE: Design for the Environment - Positive impact on people and places can also reduce costs.
    • DFU: Design for User-Friendliness - Making the product more desirable. 
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    Vendor Sourcing - Materials, Components, and Production

    In addition to industrial design, mechanical design, and model making, we can typically do much of the prototyping in-house as well. However, early as possible during the project, we begin partner with people and suppliers who have the capability to transition to toward high volume production. 

    • Make - Fabrication and Assembly
    • Metal - Sheet Metal, Welding, and Aluminum Extrusions
    • Electric - Electronics, Lighting, and Audio
    • Fabricate - CNC Machining, and Mechanical Assembly
    • Plastic - Injection molding, Extrusion, CNC Machining
    • Surface Finish - Painting, Plating, Powder Coating, Decals and Badges
    • Fullfulment - Packaging, Printing, and Shipping
    • IP Protection - Patent Search, Patent Application
    • Newbies! - New Business Startup, Accountants, Insurance, Business Mentors, etc.